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Superior Retention & Lightning Fast Draws! Available for 1911’s & Glock

The Model “A” is CR Speed’s original universal holster. This holster can be set up for many popular Production, Limited & Open Pistols including 1911’s & clones. It offers the same pistol versatility as both the WSM & Model 2000 but features extra trigger gaurd retentionadjustment that was removed on later models. The CR Speed Holster’s legendary Lightning Fast Draws & Superior Retention means you are getting the Best competition Holster money can buy. This holster offers exceptional value to the cost conscience competitor.

Also available: Model “G” Specifically for 9mm & 40 S&W Glock Pistols

  • Fits most Pistols, Open or Limited. 1911 & Clones Incl. STI, Bul M5, Caspian. Para Ordnance, CZ, Browning, Beretta 92 etc.
  • Model “G” for Glock 9mm & 40 S&W Pistols.
  • Lightning Fast Draws & Superior Retention.
  • Adjustable trigger gaurd width.
  • Can be set up for L/H or R/H Shooters “Ambidexterous”.